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January 25, 2009
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… if you’re Tobi.

1) Call him Deidei <3
2) Tell him how AWESOME Sasuke is in your opinion.
3) Tell him how even more awesome and supercool Itachi is in your opinion.
4) Shout, “Tobi is a good boy!” again and again and again and again and again.
5) Tell him that he's the most beautiful woman you've ever seen!
6) When Deidara lets explode some of his clay, say, “Whoa, Senpai, THAT sure was a loud fart!”
7) Plait his hair while he’s asleep and add a cute pink ribbon ^^
8) Glomp him <3
9) Eat some yummy icecream while he’s busy trying to catch a Jinchuriki.
10) Once he caught the Jinchuriki, brag about how you caught this Jinchuriki all by yourself.
11) When he’s going to kill you because of your bragging, ask him if he wants some yummy icecream, too, so he could cool down a bit.
12) When he’s trying to choke you because of those words, start crying and run to your leader, screaming, “Pein-sama! Mean Deidei hit poor Tobi! Now Tobi has ouchie TT_TT That’s not okay! Tobi is a good boy. Deidei should be nice to Tobi!”
13) Use your Sharingan on Deidara to make him fall asleep while he’s eating some crème layer cake ^^
14) Once he wakes up, pour out a bucket of cold water above his head in order to wash the crème off his face.
15) After that, you better run to your leader again, screaming for help. (And be sure to hurry! O_O )
16) Ask him if he uses lipstick only for his normal mouth, or also for the mouths on his hands.
17) Yawn when he’s talking to you. Loud and long :)
18) If yawning isn’t enough: Take out a pillow and go sleep.
19) Bake a cake for him while he’s on a mission ^^ And be sure not forget to add frosting in the shape of a heart.
20) Complain loudly about how Zetsu was a so much better senpai than Deidara.
21) Ask Deidara if you may drop the –senpai and call him Deidara-chan instead.
22) Buy a Barbie and give it to Deidara with the words, “Whoa, look, senpai! They’re selling action figures of you!”
23) Sing a song for him ^^ – How about:
Deidei-chan, and Tobi-san,
are now having so much fun!
Deidei makes a little toy
for Tobi ’cause he’s a good boy!

24) Tell him that he reminds you of a certain antique Greek statue – both have no arms =P
25) Buy a dog and name it after Deidara. Then teach the dog the basic commands: “Sit, Deidara! Now lie down! Well done. Goooood Deidara!”
26) Copy the Yamanaka’s mental transfer jutsu with your sharingan and use it on Deidara. The rest is only a question of your imagination. (*cough* dancing around in pink underwear *cough* confessing your love to Konan in front of Pein *cough* applying for ‘Konoha’s Next Top Model’ *cough* ) :D
27) Go capture Lee. Bring him to Deidara. As Deidara probably won’t be happy (because Lee’s no Jinchuriki), explain to him that you’ll use Lee as a bait. Then give Lee sake or any other sort of alcohol. Then: Run.
28) When you return later, the Akatsuki hideout should be entirely destroyed. Tell Pein that the reason MUST have been one of Deidara’s explosions.
29) While Pein’s hunting down Deidara, go search Lee. (He must be lying around somewhere in these ruins.) Take his jumpsuit. Then give it to Deidara as a gift and insist on that he wears it ^^
30) Bring Deidara a flower garland for his beautiful hair ^^
31) If he refuses to wear it: Start crying until he finally gives in. Don’t give up! You can’t miss the chance on seeing Deidara in a green jumpsuit, wearing a flower garland. And if you’re annoying enough, maybe you can even bring him to hold some leaves in his hands :D
32) Once he wears the garland, remember: Flowers shall stay fresh. Water them.
33) When Deidara after that orders you to bring him a towel, give him a diaper that you spread brown choclate on.  
34) Buy him a necklace because it so much suits his shining eyes!
35) Ask him if he has always been that weird, or if he became that way when he got older.
36) When you two get to know a new person, use the chance to give said one a good advice: Point at Deidara’s (non-existing) arms and introduce him with the words, “See – that’s what happens if you’re chewing on your finger nails.”
37) A good way to pass the time if you’re bored: Summon Kyubi and order him to hunt Deidara. That sure is fun to watch ^^
38) While Kyubi and Deidara are busy ‘playing’ with each other, go fetch a cassette recorder and tape Deidara’s various shrieks. Then make a re-mix of them and play it to Deidara.
39) Enrol him as an actor for the leading role of the new stage play: “Sleeping Beauty” <3
40) Poor Deidara is so lonely, so get him a partner: Put an advertisement into the newspaper:
He, 19 years old, long blond hair, slim, well-groomed appearance, searches for her, 16-18, attractive, skilled kunoichi. My hobbies are killing Uchihas and hunting giant beasts in order to take over the world. If you’re a funny, sweet person who’d like to spread fear and death with me, mail me at:
Make sure to include the adress of the Akatsuki hideout! It’s so boring in that gloomy cave, anyway…
41) Unfortunately, Deidara isn’t really a ladykiller, so despite your great efforts to get him a girlfriend, he may not be too successful with the girls. In order to cheer him up, dress up as a girl and act as if you were in love with him. That’ll give him some self-confidence. Later, you can tell Deidara about your true identity then. A good point of time is when he proposes marriage to you: “Aw, I feel so honoured, Deidei-kun! But I must tell you something first!” Take off your disguise now. “Tadaa! See, it’s me! Tobi’s a good boy, isn’t he?” ^^
42) Convince Pein that Deidara should do the Akatsuki correpsondence in the future – after all, someone has to lick the stamps, and who would be better for the job than Deidara with his three mouths? (Deidare sure will love his exciting, eventful new assignment.)
43) Ask Deidara how he can be from the rock village, even though he doesn’t rock at all but on the contrary is totally lame.
44) Casually ask him, “Deidara-senpai, once either of the Uchiha brothers killed you, can I have your room then?”
45) You worship Deidara, don’t you? So, how about making a movie about him? Of course, everything has to be as authentic as possible. So leave the main role to Deidara himself – without him kowing about it, so he won’t have stage fright :)
That means, film him secretly twentyfour hours a day. When he’s singing in the shower, when he’s painting his finger nails, when he’s sleeping with a sweet little fluffy stuffed kitty in his arms. (By the way: Be careful when you’re placing said kitty there, so he won’t wake up.)
46) Talking about movies: You and Deidara have to spend more time together. How about watching “Lord of the Rings” together? You’ll even see a member of Deidara’s family there! Make sure to point this out to Deidara: “Whoa, look, Deidara-senpai! There’s your twin brother! He looks exactly like you and his name’s Leg-o-less, while you’re Arm-o-less.”
47) Darn, now Deidara’s hurting again about having lost his arms :( Cheer him up: “Hey, Deidara-senpai! There are worse things than being armless. Being harmless for example! Haha! Oh, wait… Without your arms, you are harmless. Never mind.”
48) Okay, since that didn’t work, you have to think of something else to demonstrate Deidara that he’s still in the middle of life! Enrole him for the next Paralympics ^^
49) Secretly switch his clay with peanut butter ^^
50) Betray Kisame a secret you can’t keep to yourself anymore: Deidara thinks Kisame and his sword look like fish and chips! Then get some popcorn and watch Kisame ‘demonstrating’ to Deidara that Samehada is not a chip, but a very powerful weapon that can cause painful injuries.
Iím so happy I can share my stories again :heart:
I know my Kakashi/30 reasons received some favs, but I never was happy with it. I like this piece of work now, though :aww: Maybe because itís more specific - not just some fun ideas, but some fun ideas that suit the characters. But maybe it's just because I burst out in laughter whenever I read 6) or 22) :lmao:
Now the only question left is, why do I regularly make stuff with Tobi and Deidara although Iím none of the many Tobi&Dei fans? Oh well, I guess theyíre just too easy to make funy of >.>
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i love this do you mind if i use some of these as pranks for my stories?
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Sure, go ahead ^-^ I'm glad you like them.
Linking back would be nice :)
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personaly i love deidara and would never do that to him but it still funny as hell
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yeah except i just finnished watching him die
im starting to go emo
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